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An automatic standby whole house generator can help keep your home or business comfortable, safe, and secure after a loss of power.

We are proud to carry the Generac Generators-the number one selling brand of home backup generators! Generac created the home backup generator category, and 8 out of 10 homeowners prefer Generac Backup Generators.

Your permanently installed Generac automatic standby whole house generator from Carteret Heating & Cooling sits outside your home or business just like a central air conditioning unit. You can choose to back up your whole electrical system or just the most essential items.

We will analyze your needs and recommend the automatic standby generator that will work best for your home or business.

At Carteret Heating & Cooling, we install, service and repair quality Generac generators. We are licensed and insured for electrical as well.

Contact us to get a Generac whole house generator quote for your home or business.

We also offer our Preventative Maintenance Program for your Generac Generator.

Generator Preventative Maintenance Program

Why do you need a Preventative Maintenance Program for your Generac Generator?

Carteret Heating & Cooling covers service for manufacturer defects on your Generac Generator for the first year.  However, your Generac Generator requires yearly maintenance, depending upon the number of hours that your Generator has run.  Our Preventative Maintenance Program for your Generac Generator can take care of this.

Here’s what you get with your Generac Generator Preventative Maintenance Program:

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Visit which includes:
    • Running system check
    • Voltage and amperage check
    • Testing the start and stop of the system and adjusting as needed

Other maintenance will be required for your Generac Generator:

  • The number of hours the Generator has run determines the timing of oil changes, filter changes, battery replacement, valve adjustment and any necessary parts. These items are not included in the Preventative Maintenance Program, however we can provide these services as well.
    • At 25 hours an oil change and valve adjustment is required. This is $359 plus tax.
    • After the initial oil change, it is required every two years or 200 hours. Oil and filter change is $147 plus tax.  Additional charges may apply.

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